First and foremost I would like to thank the one man who made all of this possible: my Daddy, my Comforter, my Everything – the Lord Jesus Christ. Special thanks, to my loving and caring mother Andrea Hamilton-Smith, to my best friend and most wonderful husband Devon Keise, to my beautiful children Keonna, Jazmine, and Tyler. Thanks to all of my fans who never stopped listening to my music, I greatly appreciate all of you. It’s because of you I do what I do, Muah!!!! Much, much love. Last but not least, thanks to Seon Sealey CEO of Selah Muzik Production Inc. for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream and thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to make this EP possible. Nanamous, if not for you I wouldn’t have met Seon and the rest of the Selah Muzik family, for this I am grateful. I hope you all enjoy this EP and God Bless You all!…


Howard Osbourne called Nanamous is an artiste/writer and trailblazer from the Selah Muzik Family, with hit songs like: “When Father God Calls You”, “Enemy Line Ft Stephan Peninsilyn”, …

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